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Know More About Flea
The Characteristics of Flea
Blood-Feeding Parasites
Fleas feed on blood, causing irritation and health issues.
Jumping Ability
They swiftly move within feathers due to strong hind legs.
Rapid Reproduction
Fleas lay many eggs in sustaining infestations.
Allergic Reactions
Bites can cause allergic reactions, leading to skin problems.
Survival Skills
Flea larvae persist in nests, making eradication difficult.
Disease Potential
Fleas might transmit diseases among avian species, although less common than in mammalian fleas.
Our Flea Control Services
Thorough Inspection
Our certified technicians conduct comprehensive property inspections to identify flea-infested areas—a crucial step in devising an effective treatment plan.
Customized Treatment Plans
Tailored plans aim to eliminate current infestations and prevent future incidents, considering the unique challenges posed by fleas.
Environmentally Responsible Solutions
We use eco-friendly products and methods to safeguard your property and minimize impact on the surrounding ecosystem.


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